Too often in the last few years, I've been reminded to prioritize the quality of life. No more only chasing success and instead prioritizing living intentionally and living good. Many times this means saying "no," adding in self-care routines, and making sure I'm invested in the relationships in my life. On many occasions, I've found great joy in finding and using quality products for my day-to-day routines.

That's why I'm here today to spice up and revive your laundry day! Why do we make mundane chores even more challenging for ourselves? We have to get it done, but that doesn't mean it should be miserable or cumbersome.



laundry room sign - i was going to throw in the towel but then i remembered how much laundry i already have



Reusable Wool Dryer Balls

These have so many benefits - their greatest may be that you won't run out of dryer sheets because you forgot to put them on the grocery list.



reusable wool dryer balls in multi-colored - use instead of dryer sheets


Throw three of these in the dryer, and they will shorten the dry time, soften, and fluff your laundry. You can even add your favorite essential oils onto the ball for a light scent. Available in natural and multi-colored.



Cotton Delicates Laundry Bags

The thing you are supposed to wash your bras in that you never seem to prioritize. It's time.



These puppies are good-sized to make sure bras of all sizes will fit. I'm not sure about you, but I've bought a bra delicates bag before that wasn't made for bras like mine, if you know what I mean. Wash those delicates hands-off in the washing machine without stretching straps or damaging them. Available here.



Laundry Co. Metall Sign

Your laundry routine isn't the only thing that needs to be revived. Why not give the whole room a fresh new look?



This raw metal sign is the perfect touch of industrial. Plus, it lets the whole family know that the laundry room is open 24 hours for SELF-SERVICE (an important distinction, in our opinion). As you can see, our laundry room is dated with dark wood paneling, but adding this sign and touch of hominess to the wall makes me happier when I walk in. More details here.



Heavy-Duty Clothespins

The thing that sparked this whole collection making its way to the shop. Found because I was so sick of those cheap big box store clothespins that couldn't hold wet denim for anything.



For years when we lived in campgrounds and RV parks, they wouldn't allow clotheslines. When we came home, I started to use the old clothesline that came with our property and remembered just how much I loved the routine of line drying clothes. After a frustrating year of using crappy pins and having the joy sucked right out of the experience, I found these beauties. I love how beautiful they are, but what I love the most is they do their job (as they should). Pick your bundle up here.


clothes on a clothesline at a farm


It's the little things all added together that really make a good day and consequently a good life. We need to start investing in our day-to-day life as much as we plan and save for the big things. After all, it's the ordinary days that make up the majority of our life.


With love and laundry,


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