Welcome to the first episode of the Industrial Tradition Podcast! This platform is going to serve as our community’s round table, a place for people to come together and share stories about their lives. Industrial Tradition is all about real life and real people, doing what they do and achieving their own types of success. So what better way to share and engage with these stories than a homely and personable podcast with space for anyone! In this episode we will just be introducing the format and some of the themes and goals of this podcast and getting you familiar with our primary host, Kayla. Hopefully by the end of the episode you will be feeling at home and excited for the next episode launching next week. We cannot wait for you to share this journey with us, so make sure you tune in!

Key Points From This Episode:


  • When to expect each episode of the Industrial Tradition podcast.
  • A little about the brand, Kayla and what she gets up to!
  • All the different business compartments of Industrial Tradition and it’s sister companies.
  • Why a podcast? Why something else in an already busy schedule?
  • The extent of the Industrial Tradition community and its members.
  • Breaking the closed loop of much of the podcasting world.
  • Everyone has a story to tell and a unique perspective to share
  • And much more!




“New projects kicking off are always a little bit confusing because you wonder, do people like them?” — @industrial_trad [0:01:58.1]


“It’s like I can’t function if it’s not chaotic.” — @industrial_trad [0:10:28.2]


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:


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A Ross Welding —

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