You are listening to episode two of the Industrial Tradition Podcast. Industrial Tradition is all about real life and real people, doing what they do and achieving their own types of success. So what better way to share and engage with these stories than a homely and personable podcast with space for anyone! Today I am so excited for you all to meet Austin, he is my husband and he is a pipeline welder. In this episode we will be discussing having social media influence without having social media. We will be hearing what Austin has learned, what he thinks about it and how that has changed. We’re getting into it right now so be sure to stay tuned!

Key Points From This Episode:

Understanding Austin’s online presence.
Austin’s concerns about starting a Youtube channel.
The challenges that come with sharing stuff online.
Faith in knowing there is abundance in everything.
Giving out information to help other people.
The snowball effect and what Austin has learned through the process.

The importance of knowing your audience and staying consistent.
What Austin’s watching, reading and his favorite quotes.
And much more!

“I want to help the people that really want it.” — Austin Ross [0:05:16.1]

“If you're striving toward what you love doing there is not a shortage of things.” — Austin Ross

“Learn something everyday.” — Austin Ross [0:24:50.0] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:


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