In episode 004 of the Industrial Tradition podcast we are back with Mary Kate Page from episode 003.  Mary Kate is an entrepreneur at heart and a part of the double mastectomy sisterhood. She loves graphic T's, laughter, and coffee. She’s also a dog mom, a pipeline wife, and a full time traveler.

This is the second half of our two hour long conversation we had the day we recorded.  We are diving into why she had a double mastectomy, her experience as she navigated that process, and what life looks like for her today and her plans and dreams for the future.

I learned so much from sitting down with MK.  She taught me to trust my gut, have courage to make a hard choice today that will brighten my future, and to just keep growing, learning, and trying new things.  She has a serious zest for life and I hope you find the time to listen to her story.  I really think it’s meant for the masses.  She is a woman for women y’all, but that doesn’t mean the guy won’t learn a little something too.

If you missed last week be sure to check out episode 003 of the Industrial Tradition Podcast where we dived into MK’s background, her first part of adulthood, and how she became a pipeline wife.

Questions From This Episode:

  • Talking about your double mastectomy. How did you find out, was it cancer? (1:36)
  • Your story helps others in knowing there is a possibility and a choice that can be made ahead of time. I know your story is different but it can help other people and it needs to be talked about because there’s a stigma around it. (21:00)
  • It’s important for other people to know you’re not down-playing cancer and the severity of that if yours was something that was benign or it was your choice. It’s still a huge deal, it’s changing your body.  (24:00)
  • How do you refer to double mastectomy - do you say survivor or do you just say that you have had one? How do you word that? (25:40)
  • I want to get into the rebirth, the ‘new’ season that you’re in, where you’re changing a lot of things. Can we talk a little bit about what you’re doing and what your plans are? (26:40)

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Discovering a lump - the start of MK’s double mastectomy journey. (1:45)
  • Finding the right doctor for you. (07:00)
  • Traveling back and forth for doctors appointments. (09:00)
  • Making the decision to have a double mastectomy. (11:00)
  • MK’s reasons for wanting to share her story. (12:20)
  • Finding a new normal. (13:55)
  • Being open about the process and the experience. (22:27)
  • How MK found her voice through her blog/website. (27:36)
  • MK’s future plans and business endeavors. (33:30)
  • Finding a balance in your life. (40:26)
  • Find out some of MK’s favorites. (45:50)
  • And much more!

“I don’t feel like it’s a matter of if, I feel like it’s a matter of when.” — @ Mary Kate [0:11:35.0]

“It’s now my new normal but I’m still learning what my new normal is.” — @ Mary Kate [0:13:55.1]

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p.s. from MK [Note: if the book doesn't speak to you in this season of your life, dont force it... keep looking.]

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