Ever wonder what it would take to quit your life and transition into a lifestyle of full-time travel? Well, today we are getting a behind-the-scenes look at exactly how that transition works! I am joined by Mary Kate Page, also known as MK or XOMK online, for an exclusive chat about her journey as a pipeline wife and how she was able to redefine success for her own life.

Mary Kate is an entrepreneur at heart and a part of the double mastectomy sisterhood. She loves graphic T's, laughter, and coffee. She’s also a dog mom and, of course, a pipeline wife! There are so many things about her that I absolutely love. Over the last couple of months I’ve gotten to know her and I believe that her story is going to inspire so many people.

Our interview lasted for quite a while, so today’s episode is going to be the first part of our conversation and next week will be part two. We are diving into MK’s background, her first part of adulthood, and how she became a pipeline wife. On next week’s episode, we are talking all about her double mastectomy, her experience as part of the sisterhood, and what exactly her future holds.

I am just so excited for you to join us for today’s episode. So keep listening to hear more and be sure to come back next week for part two of MK’s story!

Questions From This Episode:

  • Out of all the things you’ve been through and done in life, which one happened first? Give us a timeline of how things happened, starting from high school/college. (5:29)
  • Help us understand the chaos that is pipeline life. (23:00)
  • Traveling right off the bat, before you guys even got married - what was that like? (25:29)
  • Everyone’s timeline is different, it has taken you, and even me, years to come to all these realizations and that’s okay. (35:18)
  • How do you find the balance between being away from your husband and not having the guilt of not working while he’s working? Taking off, seeing your family, I’ve seen you do a good job with that and it’s something I really struggle with. Do you just book it last minute or plan ahead and travel from wherever you are at the time? (39:56)


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Looking at the timeline of MK’s life and where MK was “born”. (5:56)
  • How MK met her husband. (12:25)
  • Quitting her life and becoming a pipeline wife. (18:50)
  • Pipeline life and some of Mk’s experiences. (23:25)
  • Transitioning into a traveling lifestyle. (25:37)
  • Redefining success and finding the right role for you. (28:53)
  • Giving yourself the time to live out your life on your own timeline. (35:50)
  • Booking last minute family trips - the importance of spending time with family. (41:41)
  • And much more!



“I don’t even have to be the same person I was 10 seconds ago and that’s kind of great, you’re constantly evolving.” — @ Mary Kate [0:30:54.1]


“Be an advocate for your own life and what truly is on your heart.” — @ Mary Kate [0:33:52.1]


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