Finding the Humor and Persevering Through the Plot Twists of Your Life, With Brittani of Birds Caps

It's podcast today! Today on the Industrial Tradition podcast I am excited to talk to Brittani of Birds Caps, a stay-at-home mom, welder's wife, and business owner all in one!

Brittani owns a small business making welding caps straight from her home, with her kids right in the mix of it all. She is an amazing inspiration; from being a young mom in welding school, to following her motherly intuition, Brittani believes that her decisions have led her to where she is in life today.

Inside this episode we dive into Brittani’s journey and how her dream to become an underwater welder took a turn for what she believes to have saved her life! She also shares what it means to persevere, never giving up on what you were meant to do, while also understanding what is most important in your life and where you are investing your time.

We end off the conversation with Brittani sharing her best advice with other small business owners, and learning what it means to find the humor in life. I just love hearing how a mom that has kids at home and a husband at work, is actively working towards her dreams, despite not having it all figured out quite yet.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Brittani’s background and how her dreams took a drastic turn, for the better. (03:53) 
  • Why Brittani believes that her son being born saved her life. (04:30) 
  • The story of how Brittani met her husband. (05:00) 
  • Brittani’s breaking point; the accident that led to become a stay-at-home mom. (06:33) 
  • Challenges Brittani faced becoming a stay-at-home mom after working full-time. (07:23) 
  • How Brittani first got started in her business, and the first cap she ever made. (11:07) 
  • The change that led to Brittani’s welding cap business exploding. (13:52) 
  • Strategies Brittani uses to keep her business growing, but not overwhelming. (16:19) 
  • How Brittani and her husband have made the choice not to work and travel. (24:45)
  • The importance of finding a job that is right for you, in your stage of life. (26:32)
  • Learning to managing postpartum depression; a full-time commitment (27:50)
  • Brittani and her husband’s plan to build a life on a farm, working for themselves. (29:52)
  • How Brittani first got interested in agriculture by joining the FFA. (33:59)
  • What led Brittani to starting her business in the first place. (40:49)
  • Brittani’s best advice to for stay-at-home moms; take care of yourself. (41:22)
  • How Brittani always tries to find the humor in life’s challenging situations. (53:37)


“I have absolutely no regrets in life because the decisions that I made yesterday have put me where I am today.” — Brittani [0:10:04.1]

“We like the idea of keeping the farm alive because we firmly believe that farming is very important.” — Brittani [0:36:23.1]

“If I don’t refill myself, I will completely give myself to everybody else and suddenly I’m empty and I will have nothing left to give.” — Brittani [0:41:40.1]

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Brinee’s favorite quote — “Hope is an anchor for the soul." Hebrews 6:19

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