Welcome back to another episode of the Industrial Tradition Podcast! Today we host our good friend Caiman, who Austin and I have know since we were young teenagers! Caiman is here to tell us about his experiences in welding, working the pipeline and how life on the road has treated him and his marriage.

We hear from Caiman about some of the different jobs he has done over the last few years and which ones were better and which ones were worse. Caiman has always been a hard worker and has never been afraid to put in the time and sweat and you can hear his commitment to his profession in this conversation!

Caiman also chats about adjustments and planning and the lessons he and his wife have learned while they have been apart. Just like Austin and I, this physical separation has been a challenge and the methods that each of us are able to implement have made a big difference.

So for a warm discussion with one of my favorite people on the planet, tune in!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A little about the area in which Caiman is currently staying. (02:29) 
  • Caiman’s interest in welding and how that led to his career. (04:30) 
  • Building corrals, fences, working on smokers and Caiman’s first rig truck. (05:00) 
  • Staying friends with people since middle school! (08:33) 
  • Wanting to be a rig welder and sticking to that dream. (10:59) 
  • The family friend that gave Caiman his first job. (13:45) 
  • The importance of getting your start and building contacts. (17:01) 
  • The monetary differences when you are working on the road. (18:49) 
  • Caiman’s transport and accommodation at certain points. (22:01) 
  • The inconvenience and discomfort of living in a hotel. (23:26) 
  • The usefulness of a diverse range of welding experience. (29:49) 
  • Caiman’s need to stay steady and committed to a single job. (32:59) 
  • The reason Caiman has changed companies over the years. (34:45) 
  • The reasons and process around Caiman’s transfer to Arizona. (35:32) 
  • The common threads that have run through Caiman’s different jobs. (37:58) 
  • Why Caiman prefers his current location to the city. (40:28) 
  • Adjusting to the change of life away from loved ones. (42:40) 
  • The usefulness of FaceTime in long distance relationships. (44:27) 
  • Caiman and his wife’s plans to meet up. (47:07) 
  • Making time within the confines of an uncertain schedule. (50:35) 
  • Improving on communication and minimizing conflict. (53:31)
  • The dream of all working in the same area! (56:41) 
  • Patience and determination when getting into the welding game. (58:15)


“Bank on and focus on welding as a trade, because that will last you your entire life.”@industrial_trad [0:30:47.2]

“If it’s something you’re passionate about, don’t lose sight of it.  Do not give up, cause it is obtainable.  It’s all a matter of time.” — @industrial_trad [0:58:42.0]

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