Welcome back to another episode of Industrial Traditions. Today on the podcast we are going to talk about how to start, with the intention to ultimately share your journey. I wanted to bring this message to you because I have recently rebranded my YouTube channel and in the last four years I have launched four different brands, both personal and business. So I have learned a lot about starting from the ground up.

Often times I joke about just being here to make something out of nothing, and sometimes it can feel exactly like that when you first get started! However, most of the time nowadays you are never truly starting from nothing. I believe that’s something we have to realize early on in our journey. We actually have a lot of privilege, and it is vital that we start to recognize that because it will allow us to gain a new perspective and it will smash those early excuses that we all like to make.

Everything I teach inside today’s episode includes things that I have learned for myself and what works for me. People often want to know technical things, but more times than not you have to understand the mental game and the physical motions of getting started, first.

So if you want to share your message, start a business, build a community, or perhaps plan an event, then this episode is for you!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why getting started and taking that first step is always the hardest part. (03:53) 
  • Importance of creating an authentic message, inspired by you. (05:12) 
  • Taking the time to create a manifesto to collect all your ideas in one place. (06:43) 
  • Niching down and identifying an avatar for your ideal audience or client. (08:55) 
  • Learn why it is critical to start now, not waiting until step 5. (10:26) 
  • Understanding why consistency is key for the long-term success of your idea. (13:52) 
  • Why it is important to give yourself grace and be patient with your journey. (15:45) 
  • The importance of riding on your strengths and learning the rest along the way. (21:12) 
  • Picking your distribution once you’ve chosen your type of communication. (26:46) 
  • Learning the importance of building a loyal community. (31:42)


“Starting just the first thing is the hardest part.”@industrial_trad [0:03:55.1]

“The only reason why, if you’ve started something, I think you should actually go back to the drawing board is if you are piggybacking or copying what someone else is doing.”@industrial_trad [0:05:12.1]

“Niching down is the absolute key; it is not detrimental.”@industrial_trad [0:08:29.1]

“A lot of excuses come from fear and from judgment of other people.”@industrial_trad [0:11:31.1]

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